'Incredibles 2' directed by Brad Bird

A great movie about a family. a great family movie about superheroes. As far as animation goes its not just the state of the art eye candy, the amount of thought and attention that shows up on screen is awe inspiring. The lighting, the sound, the set design, the character movement the camera movement and cinematography are next level. And the characters are well developed, the situations are relevant. This movie is an A plus.

It is a cartoon, so I guess you do need to be up for that.

Baby Jack Jack steals the movie,

'Alpha' directed by Albert Hughes

I liked this movie.

Its a cave man movie about a boy and his dog. Man and dog vs. Nature. I can imagine this movie  doing well in countries that don't speak English. Kodi Smit-Mcphee plays Keda, a young member of a primitive tribe who gets gored and flung off a cliff only to be left for dead by his tribe on his first hunt. He wakes up from a coma alone and bonds with a wolf and together they struggle to get back to his tribal home.

Its good. I love a good cave man movie. This would be a good movie to watch highly medicated. Its shot well, its simple enough to understand whats happening and its compelling. Stories about resourceful young people who learn to survive in the woods have a special place in my heart.

'Kin' directed by Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker

I thought I finished my movie review dump last night but I remembered I saw a few other movies in August that I forgot to review.

Kin is a weird one. Its a movie about a kid named Eli from Detroit played by Miles Truitt who finds a weapon from the future. Then he and his older criminal brother Jimmy go on a road trip to run away from gangster James Franco. They have a very predictable road adventure, they meet and befriend a stereotype stripper played by Zoe Kravitz. They get where they are heading and then impossible shit that doesn't make sense and is never explained happens.

The kid is ok. The future tech gun is slightly interesting. Not enough to carry the movie. Seemed like the older brother went to the Jensen Ackles Acting Academy. Zoe Kravitz plays a stripper in a PG-13 movie. James Franco can't save it. Michael B Jordan showing up at the end doesn't make up for the two hours you just spent watching it.

I couldn't recommend it in theaters, but as something on TV…

'Ralph Breaks the Internet' directed by Phil Johnston, Rich Moore

Wreck it Ralph was totally delightful. I didn't actually see the original movie in the theater or even the proper way streaming I watched a playlist on youtube that strung together clips of the movie in various languages and with a lot of overlap I basically put together in my mind. Who doesn't love Vanelope Von Schweet? its just a cute name. Its concept is a lot like the old cartoons where all the toys in the toy store come alive at night and play when the owner is away. Well in this its all the videogame characters have a secret life while the arcade owner is away.

Ralph is a Donkey Kongesque videogame bad guy who is actually good.  Vanelope is the glitchy secret spunky character in a cutesy candy kart racer game. The first one was all cohesive and made sense within its story it had all the fun old school arcade game references. IT was just a lot of fun.

This one is okay. but in this one they travel to the internet to buy a part for Vanelope's videogame. and all the ref…

'Creed II' directed by Steven Caple Jr.

I'm a sucker for Rocky movies. I have seen them all multiple times. The first Creed really captured  the heart and spirit of the original Rocky, and Creed II moves things more toward the perfected formulaic shlock of the Rocky sequels, and I loved every minute of it.

Michael B Jordan as Adonis Creed. What a physique on this guy. Adonis is the right name for this character. Shredded, The guys personal trainer need to win an award. Roy Jones Jr would still win in the ring but I'm wondering if Sly didn't slip him some HGH to get ready for that epic training montage.

If you saw the trailer you know the story. Ivan Drago's son Victor comes looking for blood after Rocky Disgraced the Drago Family all those years ago. All the old favorite villains are back and badder than ever. Its a shame they couldn't get Hulk Hogan and Mr T. (Side note: I would love a reality TV show that was just Mr T hanging out with Mike Tyson.)

Its totally manipulative, but these Rocky movies have …

'Widows' directed by Steve McQueen

Widows is a star vehicle for Viola Davis. Its a  heist movie like the movie Heat, but for women. I was down for that.  And it was really good. Its got an all star cast, or at least a cast that should all be stars. and only a few problems. Its worth watching and its a good time at the movies.

Alright the movie really relies on plot, to the point where talking about it at all brings up potential spoilers, but the strength of the film is in the characters. Can Viola Davis carry a movie, yes! Yes she can. Michelle Rodriguez plays the same character she's played in every movie a short tempered snarl prone latina. Elizabeth Debicki the hotty from the Night Manager miniseries gets a real beefier role here, but comes off as a bit of a lightweight. Cynthia Erivo and Viola hold it down though.

We have a B plot that feels more grounded and makes more sense a lot of the time in the father son relationship between Robert Duvall and Collin Farrell as corrupt political family in Chicago. They ar…

'Bohemian Rhapsody' directed by Bryan Singer, Dexter Fletcher (uncredited)

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Ah Queen, Freddie Mercury, truly one of the all time great artists in the rock music pantheon. A legend. Bohemian Rhapsody the movie is a lot of fun. Rami Malek nails it in his version of Freddie as much as anyone could. The other actors who play members of Queen nail it as well especially Gwilym Lee as Brian May.  Rami Malek is a bit skinny and he's an actor with enormous eyes playing someone with an enormous jaw but he's got the spirit and the essence and the moves down completely.

Its a story of the rise of the band and their trials, tribulations and victories as rock gods. And the story of the struggle Freddie had with being gay. and of course being taken from the world too soon dying of AIDS. The AIDS stuff worked, the band stuff worked, the gay stuff was a mixed bag. Its all based on a true story but it just wasn't that interesting to me the who why and how of Freddie's love life. Maybe that's why he didn't wan…