'The Mandolorian' pooped out by "Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni" after eating an original poop by "George Lucas"

It seems like every time I watch a new Star Wars thing: movie show or game part of me is like "its everything I've been waiting for" and a part of me that reacts with revulsion, like "this shit isn't for me anymore". The Mandolorian is no exception. I love star wars games, I started playing the West End Games Pen and Paper roleplaying game when I was 12. I had just picked up the book in a game store in like 1988, a couple weeks later my dad's best friend Pouri's wife who was George Lucas' assistant generously invited my rapidly disintegrating family to visit Skywalker ranch. It blew my mind. I had tons of scholastic star wars books, pop up books, the cookbook, but my mom would never buy me the toys. I loved the movies but Jedi came out when I was in 1st grade,so time had marched on, I always liked star wars but visiting the ranch at that time at that age I really felt involved. A couple weeks later my dad came home with a Return of the Jedi mov…

'Avengers: Endgame' directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo

The experience of seeing this movie is like Church. This is the big sequel to last summer's box office destroyer Infinity War and the conclusion of a 22 movie series. It delivers the power fantasy eucharist. And that's great but it leaves me feeling like I am in a pickle because the movie as a product is exactly what I wanted when I was a 13-year-old comic book kid, so they have me hooked. I don't need it anymore I am so much less interested in this type of hype machine movie. It really makes me realize that I don't really need this church I don't feel the excitement and I feel like I have seen it again and again and it makes me miss smarter shit, fucked up politically incorrect indie film. So it's appropriate that this movie feels like a big ending because it's also an ending for me I don't think I am going to see this type of movie in cinemas anymore.  This is the end of hype for me. I've made a decision and I am killing it dead. I'm old now a…

'Captain Marvel' directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

Its the worst most boring and dull Marvel movie ever and Brie Larson gives a terrible emotionally flat acting performance. Even her look of defiance is boring. Brie Larson had one job.

It had decent action and effects in the opening sequence which legit drew me in. I liked the Mentor-Mentee thing happening with Jude Law. We get to see a cool cast of alien (Kree) Commandos getting sent out on a mission. It was all interesting as all the players were introduced even well into our hero falling to earth.
But then they tried to flip the script on the audience and only managed to pull the rug out from under themselves as writers and they didn't pay anything off! meanwhile, they force NEW mentor mentee relationships NEW old friendships they just happen to remember after weak ass amnesia story points. Relationships that don't work and the actors don't earn.
Brie Larson has a blank smug look on her face throughout the entire movie she sort of reminds me of porn legend Sasha Grey bu…

'Alita: Battle Angel' directed by Robert Rodriguez

While I can't really describe Alita; Battle Angel as a good movie. I still enjoyed the hell out of it.
I never read the comics but I remember seeing them in the comics store. Its Manga, and if you go to see a Manga story come to life then your going to love the shit out of this. I have already griped about the issues this movie has in reviews for other recent movies. The same old same old issues that a lot of movies have in the sci-fi action genre.
CG people still do not do it for me, but like "Ready Player One" the world and characters are so designed and stylised that it doesn't break the reality of the world for me. It makes it feel more like a Manga and it's not hiding that. Its glorying in it.
The acting is cheesed, but grounded so somehow it keeps what is kind of a stupid mess of a movie together gives it a heart and makes it work. The stand out being the actress playing Alita, Rosa Salazar, her and her boyfriend's dumb teenage love story is somewhat wa…

'Incredibles 2' directed by Brad Bird

A great movie about a family. a great family movie about superheroes. As far as animation goes its not just the state of the art eye candy, the amount of thought and attention that shows up on screen is awe inspiring. The lighting, the sound, the set design, the character movement the camera movement and cinematography are next level. And the characters are well developed, the situations are relevant. This movie is an A plus.

It is a cartoon, so I guess you do need to be up for that.

Baby Jack Jack steals the movie,

'Alpha' directed by Albert Hughes

I liked this movie.

Its a cave man movie about a boy and his dog. Man and dog vs. Nature. I can imagine this movie  doing well in countries that don't speak English. Kodi Smit-Mcphee plays Keda, a young member of a primitive tribe who gets gored and flung off a cliff only to be left for dead by his tribe on his first hunt. He wakes up from a coma alone and bonds with a wolf and together they struggle to get back to his tribal home.

Its good. I love a good cave man movie. This would be a good movie to watch highly medicated. Its shot well, its simple enough to understand whats happening and its compelling. Stories about resourceful young people who learn to survive in the woods have a special place in my heart.

'Kin' directed by Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker

I thought I finished my movie review dump last night but I remembered I saw a few other movies in August that I forgot to review.

Kin is a weird one. Its a movie about a kid named Eli from Detroit played by Miles Truitt who finds a weapon from the future. Then he and his older criminal brother Jimmy go on a road trip to run away from gangster James Franco. They have a very predictable road adventure, they meet and befriend a stereotype stripper played by Zoe Kravitz. They get where they are heading and then impossible shit that doesn't make sense and is never explained happens.

The kid is ok. The future tech gun is slightly interesting. Not enough to carry the movie. Seemed like the older brother went to the Jensen Ackles Acting Academy. Zoe Kravitz plays a stripper in a PG-13 movie. James Franco can't save it. Michael B Jordan showing up at the end doesn't make up for the two hours you just spent watching it.

I couldn't recommend it in theaters, but as something on TV…