'Avengers: Endgame' directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo

Related imageThe experience of seeing this movie is like Church. This is the big sequel to last summer's box office destroyer Infinity War and the conclusion of a 22 movie series. It delivers the power fantasy eucharist. And that's great but it leaves me feeling like I am in a pickle because the movie as a product is exactly what I wanted when I was a 13-year-old comic book kid, so they have me hooked. I don't need it anymore I am so much less interested in this type of hype machine movie. It really makes me realize that I don't really need this church I don't feel the excitement and I feel like I have seen it again and again and it makes me miss smarter shit, fucked up politically incorrect indie film. So it's appropriate that this movie feels like a big ending because it's also an ending for me I don't think I am going to see this type of movie in cinemas anymore.  This is the end of hype for me. I've made a decision and I am killing it dead. I'm old now and I don't want any more hype. I'm hyped out. So here is the review for this one.

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As a movie, it's a fucking mess. Its got a lot of good shit in it with big screen quality visual effects, but it really feels like a Jumbo sized TV series finale. Its 3 hours long and as a movie, the pacing is just weird. This movie is so so so self-indulgent, You could say the same about Infinity War but that movie had a lot more of a comic book feel. Both movies rely on the characters' histories built up over the course of the previous films. In this one there are just compound problems, that the filmmakers don't address they just try to exploit the nonsense in order to pay off, and wrap up the arcs of the characters, And it sort of works with some actors in some scenes, there are real moments, it's just not particularly well done. I didn't think the dialogue was done well here either, serviceable and extremely reminiscent of what came before. I think it works just fine for the rest of the audience, but for me personally, I'm sorry but I am just a bit fucking sick of it. 

mild spoilers

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There is a time travel element, and I suppose they thought they were making an attempt to avoid cliche but just wound up making no sense at all. That's time travel for you. So basically this film is 2 hours of character stuff sprinkled with a half hour of special effects action scenes shoehorned into nonsensical time-travel MacGuffin chasing, culminating in your bazillionth "lord of the rings" epic computer-generated battle scene. You better already really really like those characters. I liked a lot of it, a lot of it made me feel like I am every bit as ready to move on from this type of shit as the lead actors.

Thumbs up though, Its a mess but its an entertaining mess. go see it as summer movie church!


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