Avengers: Infinity War directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

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This movie is the most comic book movie ever, the most Marvel Comics movie of all time, a cinematic event!  It has so many characters split into at least three groups accomplishing goals all over the universe. The fight scenes are epic and relentless, the quips are directed squarely at adolescent brains, and we all have one of those. The enormous scale, the soap opera elements, the cliffhanger elements, all there. If you grew up reading Marvel comic books, then everything you remember dreaming about while reading comics and thinking what an amazing movie these stories would make is all here on screen. This movie isn't trying to win an academy award, its trying to win a no-prize.

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You can't look at this movie with the same expectations as other movies, if you applied the same conventions you would find faults, relationships under developed, things that don't make sense, but this is actually a genre defining movie, all built on what came before, its THE Marvel movie and in terms of everything its trying to do it succeeds. Its ok to criticise the genre itself, It appears its designed for people with power fantasies whose palate for actual story rather than plot might be a little simplistic and underdeveloped, the mythic (aka borderline sociopathic) storymind of the young, and that's ok. That's more than ok, thats a great summer movie.



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