A Quiet Place directed by John Krasinski

I have been interviewing and attending job fairs. Been feeling anxiety and while I wouldn't call it actual depression, I have been feeling rather emo, in a bad way in general. Not to be flippant regarding women's menstrual health. But I am feeling my man cycle real bad. Also feeling quite isolated and lonesome as a human, along with intense guilt for not having a job already. A growing part of me feels headed toward a cliff. Its not depression its self inflicted anguish and the desire to get out of this feeling. Trying to focus on what I can do.  I went to a job fair this morning and got back to the Starbucks by my place right when matinee's were starting so...
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A Quiet Place, its been in theaters a few weeks.  Its a horror movie with a gimmick.  John Krasinski directs and stars. John Krasinski is an actor I find boring. Remember in old Disney cartoons they would show average normal people they would draw people who looked like Goofy. Like dogpeople? Thats John Krasinski to me. I couldn't watch the American version of the Office. I had already seen the British version, and nothing about the American version of that show appealed to me. John Krasinski's job in most movies, from what I have seen, is to come off as normal, an everyman. But even when its Tom Cruise I can never just automatically relate to the white normal guy unless something happens in the story that makes me care. I know I'm weird that way. I guess I did find that something to relate to his character, but just barely. 
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There are monsters who will eat you if they can find you by sound. So you have to be very very quiet. Its a deadly game of Marco Polo. And the whole family is at stake.

That's the whole movie. I felt like I had seen it before. Its serviceable as a movie. It will play on your maternal/paternal instincts to keep you paying attention. The acting isn't complete shit, The best performance in the film is from the hearing impaired young daughter, played by Millicent Simmonds who gives an actual compelling and natural performance. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski deliver a masterclass in mediocre acting. Its a tour de force that will have you almost caring.

Its an effective enough gimmick to make the movie watchable, I wouldn't pay to see it. I would recommend waiting till its on a streaming service, or TV. not worth paying money for, but still entertainment technically.


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