'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' directed by John Cameron Mitchell

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Its a 1980's British Punk Rock Teenage Alien Love Story adapted from a Neil Gaiman short story and Directed by the guy who created, directed, and embodied  "Hedwig and the Angry Inch' and I'm a sucker for it. Its set in the London suburb of Croydon in 1977. Its a nostalgic spitball of a movie, its a little bit dumb, but look, its got Nicole Kidman dressed up like Siouxsie Sioux. Its got energy, alien sex cults, a manic pixie girl and a worthless teenage punk rock boy. I suppose its more absurdist than out and out dumb, its not really camp, I don't know exactly how to describe the over the topness of this movie. Its set during the queen's silver jubilee and this movie is as lovable as one eyed Corgi.

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Elle Fanning has a palpable Mariel Hemingway thing happening as the rebellious American Alien cult member punk rock girl, And the lead actor Alex Sharp, who plays punk rock cartoonist boy Enn is adorable. Lots of charisma from an energetic and massive supporting cast, the relationships work, the humor comes from the right place, its got lots of pretty, and straight up freaky, actors wearing punk rock and avant gard S&M gear of that era of fashion. Lots of punk rock reference and reverence. Its more than a little ridiculous its fun, charming, romantic, somewhat dirty, somewhat scruffy, and its worth seeing immediately or whenever.

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