'Ant-man and The Wasp' directed by Peyton Reed

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Writing a review for this movie feels a little pointless, I mean, I suppose you want to know if its good or not. Sure it is. Its fun. Its precisely the movie advertised in the trailer. It has everything the first movie offered plus Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburn, Walter Goggins and the stunningly gorgeous Hannah John-Kamen, who I singled out as stunningly gorgeous in my Ready Player One review. She got me with those bangs.

Old Michelle Pfeiffer is no slouch in the stunning screen siren department even with white hair and character in her face she is no worse for wear in the on screen beauty game, and of course Evangeline Lilly in her prime hotness has it going on all over the place. I honestly could have used more Evangeline Lilly in this, There is more of her in this one I mean its called Ant Man AND THE WASP. I guess Wasp's relationship with Ant-man works its just not central to anything going on overall. I don't know if that's a criticism of the movie. It is what it is I suppose.

The movie is exactly the movie the trailer suggested it would be, no more no less.

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T.I.,  Micheal Pena, and the Russian dude do their supporting players thing, Instead of randomly using the music of the Cure as in the first Ant-man, the director Peyton Reed randomly uses the music of Morrissey. No complaints, I just find it odd. Michael Douglas is calmly gruff, and has heart as the father figure. No surprises. Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd he's charming and looks fit as a fiddle. I want to know these marvel dudes diet/workout routines.

Lots of sight gags. San Francisco on screen. Generic plot that doesn't really matter. If you want to be pleasantly distracted for two hours its a solid option.


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