'A Star is Born' directed by Bradley Cooper

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I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the distant memory I have of the Kris Kristofferson Barbara Streisand version. Lots of singing, I enjoyed the behind the scenes of stardom feelings. Its about addiction and codependency, love and loss, success and failure. Lots of high stakes changes for the characters and tragic consequences. Its beautiful. Lady Gaga can sing and Bradley Cooper can act like Kris Kristoferson. Great character performances from Andrew Dice Clay as Gaga's Papa, and a very compelling performance from Sam Neil as Bradley Cooper's much older brother. I saw this movie with my aunt and we both totally enjoyed it. Its a Musical but its not, Its emotional but its simple to understand. Its a good time at the movies. Lots of lens flares, Too many lens flares. Its uplifting in that it really hammers home how cliche suicide is. You will want to buy a doodle. It will win all the Oscars


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