'Kin' directed by Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker

I thought I finished my movie review dump last night but I remembered I saw a few other movies in August that I forgot to review.

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Kin is a weird one. Its a movie about a kid named Eli from Detroit played by Miles Truitt who finds a weapon from the future. Then he and his older criminal brother Jimmy go on a road trip to run away from gangster James Franco. They have a very predictable road adventure, they meet and befriend a stereotype stripper played by Zoe Kravitz. They get where they are heading and then impossible shit that doesn't make sense and is never explained happens.

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The kid is ok. The future tech gun is slightly interesting. Not enough to carry the movie. Seemed like the older brother went to the Jensen Ackles Acting Academy. Zoe Kravitz plays a stripper in a PG-13 movie. James Franco can't save it. Michael B Jordan showing up at the end doesn't make up for the two hours you just spent watching it.

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I couldn't recommend it in theaters, but as something on TV. Maybe. Its not a good movie but it set up a sequel that could be interesting but that will likely never happen.


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