'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' directed by Christopher McQuarrie

Tom Cruise, the last real movie star, really scraps for it in this one. Is this movie good? For what it is, its great. But in your heart you know you have seen this before. Many times. Its great, but its a bunch of smart, capable people making a movie for dummies, and that's awesome in a way, but its like capability porn. They are selling me the fantasy of being a capable person and that makes me feel way more uncomfortable than actual porn. Even strange porn.

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Tom Cruise jumps off a thing and actually hurt his foot. ...In real life.

Tom Cruise must be a bigger Jackie Chan fan than I am. But Jackie is old now and Tom Cruise is up for it. No women will ever really know or love Tom Cruise deep down, or at least they won't be able to appreciate who he is really. so why not spend one's life improving and self actualizing every day. I think that's what this movie is really about and I relate to that. I think that's the real reason to enjoy this movie.

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Henry Cavill is awesome. He's the bad guy. I'm a huge fan of his now after watching this one. He seems almost as capable as Tom Cruise!

I don't think I've seen Simon Pegg or Ving Rhames in much else recently (Star Trek excluded). But I adore both actors, and we get visitations from the past romances from previous movies. So lots of super gorgeous women who can act, but you'll find out that remembering their names is actually impossible.

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This movie is very well directed. Its shot gorgeously and uses every cool film technique under the sun. Lots of lens flares and arty light leaks. Its totally watchable and good.

Recently Director Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise made a PSA entreating everyone to turn off motion smoothing. I totally agree. motion smoothing is garbage, but I also confess I slightly saturate the colors on my TV so I don't know if that will cause me to be excommunicated from the AV club. I just like it, the way slightly saturated colors look 99 percent of the time. I'm so sorry to all the directors who's vision I ignored.

I'm sure you will all watch this one if you haven't already. Its awesome. Its decent. Its very good.


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