'Sorry to Bother You' directed by Boots Riley

I considered not reviewing this because I interact with lots of people in the background of this movie on a somewhat normal basis. I'm biased in this movie's favor. I even sell stuff over the phone all day! The movie is shot at bars I went to pretty much all the time growing up and living in the Bay Area till 5 years ago. And I'm proud of everyone in it for representing the Bay Area, and its so nice to see the comedy community on screen even just as background performers and cameos its just really cool. Its so dope to see Steven Yeun from the walking dead drinking in the Layover. How many birthday parties and comedy shows have you been to there?

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Sorry to Bother You is just a straight up recommend. The only criticism I have is that the pacing is a little unusual. I like it, but its paced more like a foreign film. Its a surrealist take on working life and selling out to succeed. Its funny social commentary, its well done, well acted. Its great to see a truly diverse cast shine. Its great to see a grounded and quality art house movie about real characters who are black. Its got twists and turns. I can't wait to see what director Boots Riley does next.
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Kudos to all!

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