'Venom' directed by Ruben Fleischer

Image result for venomVenom is not a good movie but it has some strong elements going for it. Primarily a strong lead actor in one Tom Hardy. He's a really interesting dude to watch on screen like Brando or James Dean. Unfortunately he's like Brando or James Dean in a shitty cliched superhero movie.

Its the same formulaic sack of shit videogame looking superhero shit you've seen a million times.
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But its got Tom Hardy hamming it up as both ace reporter Eddie Brock and as the voice of the C.G. inky blob alien symbiote. The Iago type character whispering in Eddie's ear known as Venom. Venom is a popular character from the Spider-man comics and because of corporate shortsightedness and a Marvel Comics bankruptcy in the 1990s all the film rights to all the spider-man characters belong to Sony Pictures studio. Marvel studios doesn't want to share Spidey right now so now the thing that looks like a combo of spider-man and the HR Giger's xenomorph now has no connection to Peter Parker in the movie at all. So that's a big whatever. I guess it doesn't matter. but neither does the entire movie.
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I liked the shots of San Francisco. I think Michelle Williams is interesting enough to look at even if her character and relationship is pretty wonky and sort of boring. Riz Ahmed jazzes up some pretty cardboard cutout-esque bad guy exposition as the evil version of Elon Musk. The end is a big computer generated clusterfuck, followed by a couple shock reveals that come out of know where and don't really go anywhere either.

Its not worth paying for but Tom Hardy makes it worth watching on TV. Maybe the sequel will be good.


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