'White Boy Rick' directed by Yann Demange

White Boy Rick is a hidden gem. Crime movies are a tough sell for me because they come off as all the same. Lesser versions of Goodfellas. Its hard to get excited about a Matthew McConaughey movie because it seems like there are so many of them. I've never seen him be bad in a movie but he's so available. This is an actors movie set in the 80's and its actually a believable 1980s setting. Its Detroit in the 80s its cold its grimey. its everyday dangerous and its a true story about a family. And its a fucked up story about a family betrayed.
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The kid who plays Rick is named Richie Merritt and hes gives a very believable performance his story along with his relationship with the dad played by McConaughey feels very alive real and dark. I think the standout performance is from Bel Powley as Dawn the drug addict sister. She's amazing and in real life she's British. I guess that's only a shock if you've seen the movie and I don't think a lot of people did in theaters but you definitely should check it out on streaming when you get the chance.
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Jennifer Jason Leigh is awesome as the an FBI agent using this family and their trust while "just doing her job".  The movie has heart and grit and great acting from Matthew McConaughey on down. Its got personality and a message. Its a downer message about the drug wars and the casualties of it but its real and its a good movie.
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