'Alita: Battle Angel' directed by Robert Rodriguez

While I can't really describe Alita; Battle Angel as a good movie. I still enjoyed the hell out of it.
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I never read the comics but I remember seeing them in the comics store. Its Manga, and if you go to see a Manga story come to life then your going to love the shit out of this. I have already griped about the issues this movie has in reviews for other recent movies. The same old same old issues that a lot of movies have in the sci-fi action genre.

CG people still do not do it for me, but like "Ready Player One" the world and characters are so designed and stylised that it doesn't break the reality of the world for me. It makes it feel more like a Manga and it's not hiding that. Its glorying in it.

The acting is cheesed, but grounded so somehow it keeps what is kind of a stupid mess of a movie together gives it a heart and makes it work. The stand out being the actress playing Alita, Rosa Salazar, her and her boyfriend's dumb teenage love story is somewhat watchable and then the world is filled with a super high-quality cast including the Lawnmower man himself Jeff Fahey as a cyborg bounty hunter commanding a pack of robot dogs.
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The action cinematography is fucking phenomenal. It's the reason to see this movie. Do you like cyborg robot fighting? If yes then seek this one out.

The movie is not a turd but somehow the movie feels like it is slacking, like only aspiring to just above turd level. And it has so many cool elements that it easily meets its own expectations, but there are lots of problems.

The pacing is weird, the story is dumb, or maybe just super simplistic. there are just elements that we've seen before in movies like this, to the point that even though there is a fresh and competent eye brought to this stuff it just can't really be fresh. Whatever, Not a good movie, but passable and  I enjoyed it as a cinematic experience. I liked it I would recommend seeing it in 3d or a big TV,... if you like girl robots. and I do.
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