'Captain Marvel' directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

Its the worst most boring and dull Marvel movie ever and Brie Larson gives a terrible emotionally flat acting performance. Even her look of defiance is boring. Brie Larson had one job.

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It had decent action and effects in the opening sequence which legit drew me in. I liked the Mentor-Mentee thing happening with Jude Law. We get to see a cool cast of alien (Kree) Commandos getting sent out on a mission. It was all interesting as all the players were introduced even well into our hero falling to earth.

But then they tried to flip the script on the audience and only managed to pull the rug out from under themselves as writers and they didn't pay anything off! meanwhile, they force NEW mentor mentee relationships NEW old friendships they just happen to remember after weak ass amnesia story points. Relationships that don't work and the actors don't earn.

Brie Larson has a blank smug look on her face throughout the entire movie she sort of reminds me of porn legend Sasha Grey but Sasha Grey is a better actress. Maybe she is just playing emotionally walled off super well. There is humor in the movie, mainly Sam Jackson doing his thing with various lifeforms. But it's just not enough. There were giggling fanboys in my theater who apparently dug it, but Not for me.

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On a separate note, it really feels like Feminist ideology in action blockbusters is shooting itself in the foot with portraying super-confident women characters, who don't change or grow and don't have to go through anything to ultimately destroy a relationship with a man they don't give a shit about for no real reason. Look I am all for getting over the traditional hero's journey but Jesus Christ, did you ever hear about a concept called a character arc? 

If I was a little girl and I went to a toy store I would not give a crap about a Captain Marvel action figure at all because there isn't really anything cool about Captain Marvel the way there is with Wonder Woman or Elektra, or Kitty Pride, Storm, She-Hulk. If you look at the first Iron Man, it wasn't that interesting a character until Robert Downey Jr. made it interesting by selling the hell out of the character and making it cool. This Captain Marvel movie was a huge opportunity to do the same thing with a female B-list superhero and they just barfed out the same "I don't need no man's approval" "what if women were strong and defiant?" message  that we've seen in Star Wars and about a billion other bits of media. They didn't do anything original and they got a boring basic pouty blond girl to do it.
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Captain Marvel sucked. What a waste. I can't wait for Rogue to give her a big smooch, steal what passes for a personality, all her powers and permanently incapacitate her.


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