Isle of Dogs directed by Wes Anderson

I got a Movie pass. I got it in my mailbox yesterday evening and it's pretty cool. I wanted to get the year pass. But I just got the monthly. $9.99 a month. I was like lets see how this works. So I nuked a Trader Joe item, activated the movie pass card which is basically a Mastercard on my phone and walked down to my local theater which is like half a mile up the street from my place in Vancouver WA.  It was warm and bright out at eight at night after a wet and windy as fuck weekend. I technically got outside and walked on a Monday Night. I need to do that more in general, get out more. I saw Isle of Dogs.

If you don't love Wes Anderson you lack an appreciation for whimsy in art and are most likely a heartless dum-dum. What do you even go to the movies for if not for shit like this?

It's a salute to Japan and Japanese Cinema made by a western white guy, and it ritualistically does the Race Dance of today in the way the story is framed and told in this very sensitive era we live in. Kabuki within the Kabuki. It pauses to literally spell out what characters are being translated. Dogs are being translated to speak English,  Humans speak their native language, mostly Japanese in a bow of respect to all cultures referenced (or in the dogs case a bow wow) It is Supermeta! I Loved it!

First of all it's a beautiful stop motion animation cinematic experience. What is it about? cultural Separation, and Love as a transcendent unifier.  The Japanese culture is the primary reference but in this setting its used as the world of men, and the world that love must overcome. The references keep coming and are cinematic and wide ranging. It's primary heros are dogs voiced in English  by familiar voices from the Wes Anderson roster. The movie seems to reference dog cinematic culture as well. Maybe Its just how I read the movie, but I got a real Charles Schulz peanuts feel to it in how it pulls back and let's situations exist non judgmentally, which is a unique aspect of Japanese storytelling at least in cinema and comics as I know them,  letting moments just sit and unfold with minimal action having great significance. Like I said I may just be reading into it but I think Charles Schultz was pretty Zen.

Its cartoon dogs on a mission to help the human boy find his lost dog. Its about man's inhumanity to man using dogs as an example and its simple its adorable, its beautiful its not dumb like most movies. The music is perfect, 60's style folk songs as theme songs and traditional Japanese music as scoring. The film takes its time to develop the characters it delights in its conceits, like using 2d animation when a character is seen on video. Its a tour de force of art direction. This movie feels good. Its worth seeing on a big screen. I loved it, Wes Anderson is awesome and I can't wait to see his next film. If  you have a problem with the pacing you either need to shut the fuck up and go watch some Japanese movies  and learn, or go fuck yourself, and if you don't like Wes Anderson movies you can suck my dick.

Kobra Strike!

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