'Creed II' directed by Steven Caple Jr.

I'm a sucker for Rocky movies. I have seen them all multiple times. The first Creed really captured  the heart and spirit of the original Rocky, and Creed II moves things more toward the perfected formulaic shlock of the Rocky sequels, and I loved every minute of it.
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Michael B Jordan as Adonis Creed. What a physique on this guy. Adonis is the right name for this character. Shredded, The guys personal trainer need to win an award. Roy Jones Jr would still win in the ring but I'm wondering if Sly didn't slip him some HGH to get ready for that epic training montage.

If you saw the trailer you know the story. Ivan Drago's son Victor comes looking for blood after Rocky Disgraced the Drago Family all those years ago. All the old favorite villains are back and badder than ever. Its a shame they couldn't get Hulk Hogan and Mr T. (Side note: I would love a reality TV show that was just Mr T hanging out with Mike Tyson.)

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Its totally manipulative, but these Rocky movies have such an effective formula. Its a masterclass. And its obviously a passing of the torch. guaranteed in the next one Rocky dies. But this is the one where you can see the Character of Adonis has really taken over these movies they are Creed movies every bit as much as they are Rocky movies. It would be cool to see Carl Weathers come back in a dream sequence in the next one too.

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