'Deadpool 2' directed by David Leitch

Image result for deadpool 2Deadpool 2 is a piece of garbage made for idiots. I suppose it can be justified as a funny summer comic book action movie, and both Ryan Reynolds and this movie try so hard to come off as clever, but come on. If you really think this is funny, or clever you must be in a desperately stupid place in your life and I am a bit afraid for you. Its trying to come off as self aware but if it really were self aware it wouldn't exist.

I actually read comics for a while as a teen, Cable being introduced as a character really felt like the beginning of the end of my interest in superhero comic books, and cable's intro in the Fox X-men movies feels very much the same. I stopped reading X-men shortly after they introduced Bishop, which is basically the same character as Cable. James Brolin is good in the role, but the whole movie is dumb as shit. Domino is a fun character played by Zazie Beats, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Colossus are really fun to see on screen, I wish they spent the money on stories about any of them. They got me into the theater based on Colossus and my inbuilt interest in X-men. I am starting to resent my own fandom. Actually I have been done for a long long while.There are literally better x-men stories told on fox kids every Saturday around 10am for the last who knows how long.

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I never liked Deadpool as a character. I mean you draw spider-man, but color him in slightly differently give him swords and make him say awful crass shit. I hate it. This movie tries to reference Rob Leifeld the creator of Deadpool and Cable, but he really is a crap artist of special significance for ruining comics for me. Ryan Reynolds is just a shitty actor hamming it up. Nice abs.

The movie does try really really hard, and the reality is that this type of shiz is just not for me anymore. Its for stupid people, the most general of audiences, adults who are not mentally competent.  Maybe some new dad out there who doesn't get to watch anything but children's films might be entertained because of the "dirty funny movie' but I mean seriously its impossibly unfunny dogshit. Maybe wait for it to come on TV, cause there is enough going on to force your eyeballs to pay attention, It is a ride, its just not a ride I would recommend.


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