'Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami' directed by Sophie Fiennes

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What do I know about Grace Jones? Not a whole lot, but I remember as a kid seeing Conan the Destroyer on Showtime encountering the movie and this amazing and bizarre movie with this exotic woman who was scary, and looked like a man and was portrayed as a powerful warrior, primal in nature.  And then someone mentioned that some men find her very attractive because they want to tame this wild creature. And being a child I was just puzzled. But there were a lot of puzzling performers back then, like Andre the Giant, or Tiny Tim, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or DEVO. People you see on TV and go Woah! What the fuck is that? We saw a little more of Grace Jones in "View to a Kill" Bond movie and I thought that was the best movie I had ever seen, but every movie seemed like the best movie I had ever seen back then. She was definitely the most memorable Bond girl.  She was part of Pop Culture an intriguing postmodern absurdly comical tangent, who I was just not ready for, and who sort of disappeared really, for all I knew.  I know I have seen images on album covers when I worked at Rasputin's, but they were just novelty items to me and most other people.

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In Bloodlight and Bami this documentary and performance film you finally, for the first time get to see Grace Jones on screen as a fully human, sympathetic, three dimensional human being. You see in her in her personal life telling her story and interacting with her very lively and interesting Jamaican family. You see her backstage of a Paris TV studio, and Hotels around the world traveling with her adult son for her shows, She still is the abstracted and over the top Pop culture performer, and her show is visually stunning and as a straight up Vegas style performer she is dope as fuck. She has to be up there and to be that powerful, that fit with not one wrinkle. Damn. Of course she has had a huge gay following this whole time. Obviously.  She's the quintessential Disco Era Survivor. A role model for a whole type of personality, and just an amazing individual. This is worth going to see in the theater but I'm guessing it will be on some streaming service in a week. Watch it. It will definitely hold your attention, and you will probably gain a new appreciation for Grace Jones as a person and a performer. I don't think I would rush out to buy her records, but If I saw that she was playing in Vegas and I was there I would be like hell yes!, I want to hear Grace Jones cover Bryan Ferry in a crazy hat, Absolutely!

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