'Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado' directed by Stefano Sollima

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I remember putting on Sicario at my cousins house waiting for my dad to get ready to go out. just the first ten minutes I was like yyep! good movie. Its a powerful movie in fact. It draws you right in. I've seen it a couple times now its fucked up its emotional, the action is amazing and unusual, The performances don't scream out at you that they are performances the subjects of the movie melt into the performance melt into the movie itself, that's how you know its really good. Its damn good. I just watched a youtube video about the cinematography, Roger Deakins and Denis Villanueve elevated the hell out of the material. 

You can check that out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Okp_koWyy-Y 

But you may want to wait until after you see Sicario 2 before you go reminding yourself how awesome the first one was. Because even though its very good, its missing some pieces and some screws are loose in its construction. 

Sicario 2 makes you appreciate not only the Cinematic Visionary collab of Villanueve and Deacons, but how important Emily Blunt's character was to the structure of the movie.  She wasn't the cool one, but when she's not there you notice. They substitute her character for the perspective of a young girl, but its not the same. Its not that there is no journey to the characters its that there's no impact to the journey and the journey makes zero sense. 

Benicio Deltoro and Josh Brolin are every bit as awesome as they were in the first one where they served as dubious antagonists. Now they are super heroes in super complicated action set pieces that don't make sense. And they are the main dudes in an action movie so they can survive literally anything so the stakes are drastically lower. Both films were written by Taylor Sheridan, who obviously didn't appreciate how well made the first one was. The story is a harsh mess.

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The action pieces are awesome, worth watching but they serve nothing. and that sucks.

Its shot beautifully, just not as well as the first one. So I guess altogether this movie isn't bad its just frustrating, and unnecessary.

I recommend waiting till this one is on TV, the performances and overall quality of what is onscreen is worth watching but not worth paying money for.


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