Moviepass is Dead! Long Live Sinemia! + A Long Overdue Movie Review Strike Roundup

So Its been a while since I reviewed a movie. I have been so focused on other things passing tests and struggling with new jobs, entering new fields and keeping my head above that I shut this blog off. The last review I did was back in July. and its mid December now. I have been seeing movies and feeling like even though I watched them they feel half digested. How to explain...

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Moviepass. blame moviepass. When it crapped out in August the flow of being able to see any movie was interrupted. When I can see any movie any time seeing movies feels less special unless you can think and talk about them. thats kinda why I started the blog. Moviepass became unusable. They give you access to two showings of a rotating random movie option. They won't let you see new releases that are too popular, and  of course those are the ones I wanted to see, so I dumped them and I bought into Sinemia.

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Sinemia is a lot like Movie pass, but you can only use it for three showings a month. one of those showings can be a premium showing, so unlike moviepass at that time you can see Imax or 3d movies with their service. There is fine print though. I think I paid 170 for the year for Sinemia. Which was a tidy sum to pony up. So 170 per year breaks down to  3 movies a month for 4.72 per movie. That's a good deal, not as amazing (or unsustainable) as moviepass' original deal of unlimited all you can watch movies for 10 bucks a month, but still a good value. However, there is major stuff they don't mention. Until recently Sinemia forced you to use one of their partner apps to buy tix rather than a Sinemia card at the box office. You still have to check in on the app at the theater but you don't have to take a picture of your ticket like moviepass required. Sinemia doesnt mention it when you sign up but they charge a processing fee of one dollar per movie to use the app. And they charge you for that! They charge your actual cc .50 cents when you pick your movie showing and .50 cents when you check in. Yes that sucks, especially when they don't mention that up front.

To me that was no big deal, because the app I use is atom tickets and for every five movies you get a free ticket in the atom app. But now we are at a cost of 5.72 per movie. add that to the regal rewards movies I accrue regularly and  I'm able to functionally use the service to see any movie I want, anytime just like I was able to with Moviepass. 5.72 per movie? Its more than I originally calculated, but I get a big bump in my ability to use the service, and it was just a dollar. Its a negligible cost. no big whoop. still a good deal.

Well last month they added an additional $1.80 processing fee on top of the dollar processing fee they already charge you. So now we are at 7.52 a movie. That takes a good deal and makes it an ok discount. And its frustrating. However, because of a class action lawsuit Sinemia now offers a physical card that lets you avoid all the fees. but the card costs 14.99. I'm going to get the card, but because I'm broke I haven't yet. But see how they get you? So if you haven't bought in yet, if you get the card that's 5.14 per movie which is still a good deal with Sinemia.

Anyway I was pretty busy, but I saw a lot of movies and it feels like I only half saw them because I didn't get to review them on the old blog. So here goes.. Get ready for a Holiday Dump of Kobra Strike! a round up before the actual Xmas + Oscarbait holiday movie blowout. Because whats the point of watching movies especially shitty movies if you can't gripe about them?


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