'Ralph Breaks the Internet' directed by Phil Johnston, Rich Moore

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Wreck it Ralph was totally delightful. I didn't actually see the original movie in the theater or even the proper way streaming I watched a playlist on youtube that strung together clips of the movie in various languages and with a lot of overlap I basically put together in my mind. Who doesn't love Vanelope Von Schweet? its just a cute name. Its concept is a lot like the old cartoons where all the toys in the toy store come alive at night and play when the owner is away. Well in this its all the videogame characters have a secret life while the arcade owner is away.

Ralph is a Donkey Kongesque videogame bad guy who is actually good.  Vanelope is the glitchy secret spunky character in a cutesy candy kart racer game. The first one was all cohesive and made sense within its story it had all the fun old school arcade game references. IT was just a lot of fun.

This one is okay. but in this one they travel to the internet to buy a part for Vanelope's videogame. and all the references are current internet references. So that bit is just not as fun or as nostalgic as the first movie. Also they spend a lot of time dealing with Ralph's clinginess with Vanelope which is kinda weird.
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They run around in the Disney website and meet the Disney princesses. They run into all the Disney properties including Star Wars. Its visually a trip, Its cute but not that exciting. If you like the Disney Pricesses go see it if not wait til its on TV for free. The first Wreck it Ralph is good though. Rent that.


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